Take Jesus on a wild adventure, either in the printed edition or download the fun e-book version to your favorite electronic book-reading device! Order online now at the links below or stay tuned for a list of bookstores in your area where you can pick it up in person!

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For the first time ever, YOU get to make Jesus have the adventures that you’ve always wanted him to have (and even some that you didn’t)!

Travel back in time to the biblical era of 30-ish AD in this gorgeously-illustrated, hilarious book that plops you right into the dusty sandals of America’s favorite soul-saver, Jesus Christ! Read a few pages of the story, make choices of where you want the story to go, flip to the corresponding pages, and see where the story takes you.

But watch out! Along the way, that pesky Satan, your political enemies, and even your loyal disciples and friends will try to trick you into making all sorts of bad decisions, and you’ll have to avoid all the deaths and bad endings in hopes of walking the correct path and becoming humanity’s true savior!

Written by comedian Brock LaBorde, co-founder of the wildly popular comedy website and writer/director of Comedy Central’s “The House That Drips Blood on Alex,” starring Tommy Wiseau, “You Are the Messiah” is a fun read for people of all ages, religions, and body types. Whether you’re already familiar with the stories of the Bible or if you only have a vague understanding of the traditional Jesus folklore, all readers are guaranteed to find a pile of funny things to laugh at in this book.

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- YATM now available at Meltdown Comics and Stories Bookstore in Los Angeles!